TinFoil NFT Marketplace Launch

We are excited to launch news regarding our TIN NFT marketplace. Following up on our roadmap; we have developed a system where you can buy, sell and discover rare digital items on the Binance Chains.

Similarly to OpenSea, we have created a platform that empowers designers and developers. However, OpenSea is backed by Ethereum blockchain, which does not support the same kind of security, speed and ease of use like Binance Chain does.

The NFT trade world will be elevated with the development of Binance Chain and we are thrilled to be one of the first NFT marketplaces utilizing the many facets of this blockchain system.

With our advancements, you’ll have a few options:

  • List your TIN NFT
  • Unlist your TIN NFT
  • Update the price of your TIN NFT
  • Buy TIN NFT

The price of a listed NFT can be either in TIN or in BNB.

Launch of TinFoil Citadel

We are building a token-permissioned access group of TIN holders that have over 100 TIN. Qualified as part of the group, members will have the ability to influence the project’s future by proposing concepts to add on the roadmap.

TinFoil citadel will unify our top users and allow them the access to offer strategies and support. With the foundation of TinFoil Citadel, which will inherently ensure the value of our team.




Unlocking compounding yield on staked assets.

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Tinfoil Finance

Unlocking compounding yield on staked assets.

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