Tinfoil Finance Announces a Partnership with MEMECA$H

This partnership will help Tinfoil Finance as it strives to make yield compounding more accessible, adding additional functionality for its users by enabling them to farm and earn rewards from MEME CA$H.

The overall intention of the Tinfoil Finance platform is to enable users of all levels of experience and capital to easily exponentially compound their yield on digital assets. To further this vision, Tinfoil Finance is pleased to announce a partnership with MEMECA$H, enabling use of the MEME CA$H token in our compound yield farms.

MEME CA$H (MCH) is the native token of the MEMECA$H platform (accessible from https://www.buymeme.cash/). MCH seeks to be the MEME token of the future, aiming for maximal token use cases and adoption. Its specific functions are to act as a community governance and discussion token, and to facilitate whatever new developments and rewards that token holders vote to enact. This experimental community specifically endeavors to generate the newest innovations in blockchain and crypto/non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles.

As a component of the partnership between MEMECA$H and Tinfoil Finance, MCH will be launched onto the Binance Smart Chain that powers Tinfoil, and then airdropped to users. Tinfoil Finance will open a farm for the pairing of MCH and BNB, the native token of the Binance Smart Chain. From this farm, users will be able to earn Tinfoil’s native TIN tokens.

Thus, this partnership will add an additional means for users to improve their token yields, enabling them to earn our native token while also supporting the MCH ecosystem and MEMECA$H platform.

This is one such example for such partnership capabilities of Tinfoil Finance, where by both platforms, and most importantly, DeFi users, can benefit from increased utilities and earning opportunities.

For additional information about Tinfoil Finance, make sure to check out our website and Medium.

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