Introducing Tinfoil Finance: Making DeFi Yield Compounding Easy and Accessible

  1. Go to our website and connect your crypto wallet.
  2. Select the farm you wish to invest in.
  3. Obtain the tokens for the farm you want to invest in (and can do so directly on our platform, or on Uniswap or another similar platform).
  4. Deposit these tokens in a chosen farm.
  5. Confirms the transaction.
  • The TIN Staking Farm
  • The CAKE Auto-Compounding Farm
  • Additional Auto-Compounding Farms
  • TIN LP pool (5 times rewards multiplier)
  • TIN pool (3 times rewards multiplier)
  • CAKE and AUTO pools (2 times rewards multiplier)
  1. Farming
  2. Farmers can deposit the tokens required for our farms to receive compounded yields.
  3. TIN buyers can purchase the token at the start of our protocol’s launch. Then, these users can sell later on, in the intention of making a profit. We project that the value of TIN will increase, based on the success of other projects in this space, as well as the fact that, as TIN price increases, TIN issuance will decrease.
  4. Staking
  5. Users can stake TIN long-term for enhanced returns. Again based on other projects in this space, we project that our TIN pool APY will be around 100%, meaning that a user who buys $100 worth of TIN and stakes for a year will earn around $100 worth of BNB. Users can also combine this strategy with selling TIN for additional earnings.
  • Burger
  • wSOTE
  • XVS
  • BAKE
  • BIFI
  • CAKE
  • AUTO



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Tinfoil Finance

Tinfoil Finance

Unlocking compounding yield on staked assets.