Tinfoil Finance announces the addition of new features to its yield aggregation platform. These new components provide users with additional utility and opportunities to simply, easily, and exponentially compound their yield.

Tinfoil Finance is dedicated to making the yield compounding process user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With our initial platform running smoothly, we are now pleased to announce the addition of new components and expansions to Tinfoil. As a result, our platform continues to work towards providing its users with the best and most convenient yield-generating techniques available.

New NFTs:

Tinfoil’s NFT marketplace is up and running, enabling our users to buy, sell and discover rare digital items on the Binance Chains. To expand this marketplace, Tinfoil will be listing two new NFTs. The first will be stairways to new chains…

We are excited to launch news regarding our TIN NFT marketplace. Following up on our roadmap; we have developed a system where you can buy, sell and discover rare digital items on the Binance Chains.

Similarly to OpenSea, we have created a platform that empowers designers and developers. However, OpenSea is backed by Ethereum blockchain, which does not support the same kind of security, speed and ease of use like Binance Chain does.

The NFT trade world will be elevated with the development of Binance Chain and we are thrilled to be one of the first NFT marketplaces utilizing the…

To all of our users — we greatly appreciate your participation in Tinfoil Finance so far. Tinfoil continues to grow and expand, incorporating new functionalities as we strive to best serve our users.

Roadmap Overview:

Our roadmap for upcoming additions includes the following main points:

  • Users will be able to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with TIN, our native token.
  • Users who buy these NFTs will be able to use them to farm more TIN.

Adding the capacity for this type of token on Tinfoil delivers new benefits and new opportunities to our users, as expounded upon below:

NFT Benefits:


This partnership will help Tinfoil Finance as it strives to make yield compounding more accessible, adding additional functionality for its users by enabling them to farm and earn rewards from MEME CA$H.

The overall intention of the Tinfoil Finance platform is to enable users of all levels of experience and capital to easily exponentially compound their yield on digital assets. To further this vision, Tinfoil Finance is pleased to announce a partnership with MEMECA$H, enabling use of the MEME CA$H token in our compound yield farms.

MEME CA$H (MCH) is the native token of the MEMECA$H platform (accessible from https://www.buymeme.cash/)…

TinFoil Finance is an entirely fair launch project, and we are excited to announce the next campaign we will be running to reward early supporters.

During the two week period after March 5th, the top three users who deposit the most assets into TinFoil Finance’s BNB-TIN LP Farm, AND the exponentially compounding t[BNB-TIN LP] will get one of these 3 NFTs:

● 1st Hat

● 2nd Bordel

● 3rd Roin

These NFTs will boost user’s TVL during staking, and as a result earn more TIN. The users will receive these NFTs on March 19th, and the boosts will be applied for staking thereafter.

The boosts will be 100%, 50%, and 25% respectively.

We’re recruiting early supporters to join our movement. Follow the social channels below for the coming updates over the next two weeks.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TinfoilFinance

Telegram: https://t.me/tinfoilfinance

Website: https://www.tinfoil.finance

Github: https://github.com/tinfoilfinance

Tinfoil finance is an entirely fair launch project, and as such we will be running multiple campaigns to reward early supporters.

In honor of our 1 week of being live, we are distributing NFTs on Binance Smart Chain to these supporters who have been farming over the past 7 days.

Users who farm for the next 7 days are also eligible for for these NFTs.

Holders of these NFTs will be eligible for a portion of the $TIN token supply.

How to earn the Tinfoil Hat NFT and the associated airdrop:

  1. Follow https://twitter.com/TinfoilFinance
  2. Like and retweet the Tinfoil Hat Campaign…

Tinfoil Finance’s new platform enables users of all levels of experience and capital to easily and exponentially compound their yield.


Tinfoil Finance provides a method for automating, carrying out, and improving yield compounding via the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and the PancakeSwap protocol. This vastly simplifies yield aggregating, reduces gas fees, and enables individuals of all ranges of DeFi experience and available capital to benefit from the process.

Tinfoil Finance can be used for a multitude of yield farming purposes, including those seeking maximal yields and those seeking to balance risks and rewards. …

Tinfoil Finance

Unlocking compounding yield on staked assets.

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